Sterling CDX 5001-2 (Released 2021)


I´ve been enjoying an admirable four-CD collection devoted to the artistry of the Swiss-born Swedish pianist Maria Kihlgren…....These four discs,which are also available separately, encompass a wide range of repertoire including ”Nordic Master  Composers”(Grieg,Stenhammar,Sibelius,Nielsen) and an account of Grieg´s early Sonata(on a separate CD) that must count as one of the best ever issued.
Familiar Liszt and Chopin sit in a context of Reger´s seven characteristic” Silhouettes ”and two highly atmospheric piano pieces by Othmar Schoeck. There´s also appealing music by Honegger and Frumerie as well as a disc of ” Music from the Mediterranean” (Scarlatti,Debussy, Ravel,Albéniz,etc)
Kihlgren`s playing is consistently satisfying and the recordings,….. are in main excellent. (Harriet Smith,Gramophone)


Sterling CDA 1842-2 (Recorded 2019)


Ballade in form of Variations G-minor Op. 24


Six Impromtus Op.5

No.1.G minor(Moderato)

No.2 G minor (Lento-Vivace)

No.3 A minor (Moderato -Alla marcia)

No.4 E minor (Andantino)

No.5 B minor (Vivace)

No.6 E major (Commodo)


Three Fantasies Op.11

No.1 B minor/B major (Molto appasionato)

No.2 E major (Dolce scherzando)

No.3 B minor /B major (Molto espressivo e con intimissimo)


Theme with Variations Op.40

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Nordic Master Composers is a wonderful mixture of short pieces together with Grieg´s long Ballade in g-minor and Nielsens Theme with variations. There is an intense feeling-it is about understanding the music´s inner spirit-but even the quicker bars are given meaning. Maria Kihlgren does not play to impose. The listener is instead led to concentrate on the music´s inner deep soul.

The greatness in Art is in the simple. (Carl-Henric Malmgren,OPUS)


It is nice to see an album devoted to Nordic composers. Not only is the playing solid,but the program makes sure to show not only more familiar romantic era composers such as Grieg or Sibelius,but also from the 20th Century with Carl Nielsen. The Ballade is lesser known Grieg work, though it is one of his most significant ones;it is 14 variations based on peasant folk songs. It was also a work that Grieg found taxing and emotional,owing to his depression and marital problems at the time of writing. He himself rarely performed it in public.

Kihlgren´s performance is clean,well articulated,and brings weight to the composition. Stenhammar´s 3 Fantasies are wild pieces,almost Brahmsian in texture,with rich Nordic harmonies. Kihlgren navigates the thick textures well,with good balance. Nielsen´s Theme with Variations offers 20th Century harmonies. (Sang Woo Kang, American Record Guide)


Clever Program and Interpretation. The highlight is the six imptomtus by Sibelius,I think. (Verfied Customer, Canada,


Performences here is most splendidIy presented (Stenhammar)…

I greatly appreciated Maria´s most polished performance of this perhaps most difficult work(Nielsen) , as I did for all the pieces here…

I would not like to be without this disc and recommend it highly. (Arthur Francis,Amazon


Sterling CDA 1680-2 (Recorded 2012)


Abegg-variations op.1

Fantasiestücke op.12

Des Abends





Nocturne nr 3"Liebestraum"

Hungarian Rhapsody nr.6


Silhouetten op.53




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"This CD by the respected pianist Maria Kihlgren looks at first glance like a recording of "Favourite Classical Pieces", but this is not the case. It is called "Romantic Silhouettes" containing miniatures covering a hundred year period....
The sweeping passages in Schumann's Abegg Variations and Fantasiestücke Op. 12 flow as they should; upbeat and romantically driven interpretations without sentimentality. The same goes also for Reger's insistant unpredictability - evident even in small format. A find!
Best track: Silhouetten" (Carlhåkan Larsén, Sydsvenskan)

Classics for summer
"Pianist Maria Kihlgren also offers a romantic repertoire. The CD title is Romantic Silhouettes and she plays miniatures from Robert Schumann, Franz Liszt, Max Reger and Othmar Schoeck. Even here the music is beautiful and atmospheric, as though one was falling into a summer romance." (Björn G Stenberg,

A fascinating mixture
Schumann Liszt Reger Shoeck
"This recording is interesting in many ways. To begin with there is an unusually varied choice of repertoire. Schumann's Abegg Variations and four of his Fantasiestücke Op. 12 together with Liszt's Liebestraum and the Hungarian Rhapsody No 6 belong to the standard repertoire - in contrast to Silhouetten by Reger and particularly the Zwei Klavierstücke by Schoeck, not often heard and well listening to.
All this works very well. If only more artists would come up with this kind of varied programme.
This is a very good quality recording (using Swedish Thuresson microphones). It sounds clear and natural. Without a doubt this is the best sounding solo piano recording from the Sterling label I have heard... Maria Kihlgren is most convincing when she playes Reger and Schoeck. Her performance of the Consolation by Schoeck (a pearl amongst late romantic pieces) is especially convincing..." (Jörgen Lundmark, OPUS)

"I lift my hat to Kihlgren's well elaborated interpretation of Max Reger's "Silhouetten", which is not often played. A couple of piano pieces, like "Consolation" and "Toccata" are also welcome here and they have been played with true involvement and fine transparency."Sven Andersson (Hallandsposten)"

"The Reger and Schoeck numbers certainly make this an unusual and interesting program, and Kihlgren has a firm grip on the Schumann and Liszt pieces,so there´s really no reason not to accord this release a recommendation,unless you already have favorite versions of the Schumann and Liszt items,and can´t see buying this CD for the two rarities it contains."
Jerry Dubins, Fanfare Magazine

"The selections are enjoyably varied,and I like the conclusion of Reger and Schoeck.....Her playing has accuracy,clarity,and adequate stylistic understanding."
JD Moore, American record guide




Sterling CDA 1664-2 (Recorded 2008)

1 Sonata G major
2 Sonata E major
3 Sonata d minor
4 Sonata d minor, Toccata

Deux Arabesques
5 Andantino con moto
6 Allegretto scherzando

7Jeux déau

8 Igra, Scherzo fantastico

9 Amor Brujo, Ritual Firedance

Cantos de Espana, Op 232
10 Preludium/Asturias
11 Orientale
12 Bajo la palmera (Cuba)
13 Córdoba
14 Seguidillas/Castilla

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"Talk about versatility! This is what Maria Kihlgrens recording is all about. Here is a pianist who gives her all in a warm, full blooded interpretation-the music and performance is worthy of this CD:s Great Mediterranean theme." (Music-magazine Opus)


"This playing is inspired, and the pieces are so exciting. Technique and musicality combined! A real talent." James Pleasance, London (




Sterling CDA 1695-2 (Recorded 1990)

1 Sonate op 7, E minor

2 Sept pièces breves

3 Fantaisie-Impromptu, op 66, C sharp minor
4 Nocturne, op 15, nr 1, F major
5 Étude, op 10, nr 12, c minor

6 Chaconne, op 8, C major

7 Étude de concert nr 3, D flat major, "Un sospiro"
8 Funérailles

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"When Maria Kihlgren presents her recorded performance, it is not the
small things she offers... She has proven to have both excellent
technique and a fine sense of tone. All in all, a lot can be expected
of her." (Musikrevy)

" Maria Kihlgren knows all the time how to produce the tone, touch and
feeling, even in the middle of the fastest of playing .... An
impressive debut, leaving us wanting for more." (Blekinge Läns Tidning)

"The Swedish pianist Maria Kihlgren plays with well thought out drama
and wonderful feel for details. She knows how to blend a concert
program. The way these different pieces contrast and reflect on each
other uplifts the experience." (Bibliotekstjänstens katalog)


"l have been listening to a more than pleasing disc by Swiss born pianist Maria Kihlgren, which, although originally issued in 1991 by a small and now defunct label, has been taken up by the Sterling label along with her two subsequent discs. The works involved on this disc include the Opus 7 sonata by Grieg, Six short pieces by Arthur Honegger, 3 works by Chopin, the Chaconne by the Swedish composer Gunnar de Frumerie and the Harp study and Funérailles by Liszt.. Throughout these performances we are never treated to any unacceptably pianistic displeasing mannerisms or forceful displays and I can report that listening to the disc was a most
satisfying experience. The accompanying notes include an interview with Maria Kihlgren of some length which introduces us to her musical history and experiences. and the cover paintings to this and the other two recordings by her are by her father, painter Carl Speglitz. Performances and recording are first class and certainly recommended."
(Arthur Francis,


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